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Our innovative new program is available worldwide.Grow your skills and take your business to new heights.


I’m pleased to introduce you to Kotler Business Program, an
innovative online learning experience brought to you by
Kotler Impact Inc. in cooperation with Pearson Education.
This training program will help unleash the potential of you
and your business for greater, sustainable success.

Our mission is to develop informed and insightful leaders
who make a difference in the world of 21st century business
and marketing


Innovative, engaging way to learn.

Interactive modules. Video lectures. Ebook readings. Graded assessments. Our online program has everything you need for in-depth, engaging study. Click through the slider to learn more.

Exclusive Video Content

Learn from top professors and experts in their field. Each course includes hours of video content exclusive to our program, including reference slides and graphics. Sprinkled throughout are interesting anecdotes and relevant examples from the lecturer’s own career experience.

Dozens of Speakers

Round out your knowledge with the aid of experts in their field. In addition to their course’s main lecturers, students also have access to videos from dozens of additional contributors who cover everything from social media marketing to corporate social responsibility.

Easily Accessible, Online Readings

Our students get access to the latest edition of this top marketing text. E-book readings are easily accessible anywhere, on both tablets and laptops, for maximum portability.

Assessments to Keep You on Track

Periodic quizzes, tests and written essays give a student a chance to evaluate their comprehension of the material. Plus, our instant grading system provides immediate feedback – no more waiting to hear your score.

Something for Everyone

Our courses are suitable for everyone from beginners to professionals and businessmen in all sectors and industries. We’re constantly developing new courses and seeing how we can expand our offerings to meet our students’ needs.

Why Choose KBP?

KBP is the only global business program under the brand
name of a management guru, Philip Kotler, offering first-class
education in countries across the globe.
We partner with universities and institutions with renowned academics
and lecturers to bring you cutting-edge curriculae that
challenge you to further your skills.

100% Online

Our online format allows you maximum flexibility to study when and where you want.

World Class Speakers

Our lecturers are at the top of their field in both the academic and corporate sectors.


Instant Feedback

Periodic, graded assessments allow you to easily track your progress.

Grow Your Business

Our practical, hands-on approach means you can apply lessons directly to your business.

The Best in Online Learning.

Pearson’s MyLab system gives millions of students worldwide access to immersive content, tools, and learning experiences.

Our Speakers

Dozens of lecturers.
All at the top of their
field and hailing from world-renowned universities and companies.

We’ve put their knowledge and experience at your fingertips.

Philip Kotler

The world’s foremost marketing guru and author of over 50 books on the subject.

Marc Opresnik

A distinguished Marketing Professor at Luebeck University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

Kozo Takaoka

President & CEO of Nestlé Japan, with over 30 years’ experience at the company.

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