About Kotler Business Program

Kotler Business Program is an innovative online learning experience brought to you by Kotler Impact Inc. in cooperation with Pearson Education. This training program will help unleash the potential of you and your business for greater, sustainable success.
Our mission is to advance the understanding of sustainable business management and develop innovative and insightful leaders who make a difference in the world of 21st century business and marketing.
Kotler Business Program is a certified training program, exclusively delivered by top brass from academia and the corporate sphere, including world-renowned marketing guru, Professor Philip Kotler. Our innovative blended learning approach consists of exclusive videos from leading experts, e-books for self-study, video simulations and role plays to ensure a first-class engaging and practical learning experience.
We provide courses to suit varying skill levels, from marketing novices to executives and entrepreneurs in all types of industries. Our online format allows both students and professionals to manage their studies in the most flexible way, while easily tracking and evaluating their progress via online assessments. Most importantly, the tools and strategies we teach are directly applicable to daily work.
Join us now and learn the skills you really need to take your business to the next level and generate sustainable outcomes.


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